You are currently viewing LEVERAGE – Die angeproggten Heavy Rocker präsentieren berührenden `Silence´ Clip

LEVERAGE – Die angeproggten Heavy Rocker präsentieren berührenden `Silence´ Clip

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Die finnischen Hard/Melodic Rocker mit Prog-Einflüssen LEVERAGE präsentieren ein bewegendes Lyricivdeo zum Track `Silence´ vom aktuellen. facettenreichen „Above The Beyond“ Langeisen. Das Video ist dem im August 2022 an Krebs verstorbenen Sänger der Band, Kimmo Blom gewidmet, wie Gitarrist Tuomas Heikkinen näher erläutert:

„It has now been half a year since Kimmo passed away. Losing a close friend you have known for a quarter of a century is hard. The last time I met him, a few days before he left us, he expressed a wish regarding ’Silence‘. He said this song, besides its obvious theme, had a personal meaning to him in fighting what eventually took him away from us. He asked me to see that we’d release the song as a separate ’single’ if possible, as his will or testament regarding Leverage. Rest in peace, Kimmo. Silence is a song about war experiences haunting one for the rest of his days. It has to do with what I saw, heard and felt as a boy growing up in a time when a lot of veterans of WW2 were still alive. Hearing how many of them were drawn back to the battlefield in their sleep, never able to escape the horrors they had faced. Wondering how some of the next generation could ever blame them for what they had done to the soldiers of ’our friendly neighbour country’ while defending our own. It really wasn’t until the 90’s and on that the veterans started to get the attention and respect they had always deserved. I wrote ’Silence‘ in December 2020, that time of the year always reminding us here in Finland of the Winter War 1939-1940. It was the last piece of music I wrote for what became ’Above the Beyond’. May the heroes rest in peace.“



1. Starlight
2. Emperor
3. Into The New World
4. Do You Love Me Now
5. Angelica
6. Under His Eye
7. Falling Out Of Grace
8. Galleria
9. Silence