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Melodic Heavy Rocker LEVERAGE – ‘Emperor‘ Videosingle

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Ob nun AOR, Melodic Metal oder Heavy Rock genannt, gut gemachter Hard Rock ist es allemal, was die Spanier da veröffentlichen. LEVERAGE bringen heute ihr neue Videosingle heraus und kommen im Oktober mit dem neuen Album “ Above The Beyond“ auf den Markt.

Gitarrist Tuomas Heikkinen sagt zur neuen Scheibe:

We’re a heavy rock band. Our music has echoes dating back all the way to the ’70s, like it always has. On the new album, that heritage is heard louder and clearer than ever before. It has tons of guitars, riffs, choruses, choirs, and solos. All the goods, What makes our trademark sound is the mix of shadow and light, simple and complex, old and modern. And I trust we have now polished that approach with the Leverage MK 2 line-up. I am happy and proud of everything we’ve ever done. Yet somehow this new album is very special. Musically, I feel we have gone full circle. I sense a lot of the ”Tides” vibes on it, only almost 20 years later. It’s all about the music, not trying to fit in a box, not purposely cover some ground, or take steps away from something.“


Titelfoto: Jaakko Manninen