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VULTURE – ‘Star-Crossed City‘ Clip für Speed & Thrashfans

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Die Speed-Thrasher mit dem old school Sound bringen ein neues self-made Video für den Song ‘Star-Crossed City‘ raus und bereiten den Boden für ihr Album “Dealin’ Death“, das ab dem 21. Mai erhältlich sein wird.

Gitarrist Castevet sagt zum Album:

“I think ‘Dealin’ Death‘is the best we’ve ever sounded. The mix itself is absolutely flawless to my ears, It’s way more direct and less reverb-soaked than its predecessor. It was very important for us this time, to take advice from Marco and make all key elements audible for the listener. The vocals sound piercing, the bass is present, delivering warmth throughout the whole mix, and the guitars have the best sound we’ve ever had, and the same goes for drums. It’s very natural and dynamic, but straight to the point.”




Danger Is Imminent

Malicious Souls

Count Your Blessings


Star-Crossed City

Flee the Phantom

Below the Mausoleum

Dealin’ Death

Multitudes of Terror

The Court of Caligula


Die erste Videosingle findet ihr hier.