You are currently viewing VULTURE  – Deutsche Speed-Thrasher hauen ’Malicious Souls’ Videosingle raus

VULTURE – Deutsche Speed-Thrasher hauen ’Malicious Souls’ Videosingle raus

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VULTURE kündigen nach dem 2019er „Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves“ ihr neues Album ”Dealin’ Death” an und zeigen mit der Single ’Malicious Souls’ den Old School Speed und Thrashfans, was sie erwarten können.

Die Band zum neuen Album:

“I think ‘Dealin’ Death‘ is the best we’ve ever sounded. The mix itself is absolutely flawless to my ears. It’s way more direct and less reverb-soaked than its predecessor. It was very important for us this time, to take advice from Marco and make all key elements audible for the listener. The vocals sound piercing, the bass is present, delivering warmth throughout the whole mix, and the guitars have the best sound we’ve ever had, and the same goes for drums. It’s very natural and dynamic, but straight to the point.We can’t wait to get feedback for it, hopefully people will admire it as much as we do! Once the pandemic is over, we also can’t wait to play shows and even tour again.”




Caught, wide awake in your bed

As a brumous, crawling menace starts to spread


Malicious Souls

Longing for your blood

Sent to strike the iron

While it’s gleamin‘ hot

Malicious Souls

Malicious Souls


They float, through dying screams, down every pore

Bones breakin‘ like branches, blood turns to gore


Decomposed and crooked

As you’re drawn to join their ranks

Levitate, then conflate

And march on to the iron clanks


High after high and kill after kill

Life after life their rows will be filled


Malicious Souls

Malicious Souls

For less they will not settle


Malicious Souls

Malicious Souls

Death by High Speed Metal