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THE TROOPS OF DOOM ft. João Gordo (Ratos de Porão ) – Hauen `A Queda` Video raus

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THE TROOPS OF DOOM stehen für 80ies-Style Death Metal, der einfach nur roh und ungeglättet aus den Boxen knallt. Nach den ersten zwei EPs steht jetzt das erste vollständige Album „Antichrist Reborn“ zur Veröffentlichung am 15. April an. Davon streamt den Band, um Mainman Jairo “Tormentor“ Guedz (ehemals Sepultura), den Hadcorelastigen Song `A Queda`, den sie zusammen mit Ratos de Porão Shouter João Gordo auf die Scheibe gebannt haben.

Jairo Guedz erzählt über den Song:

I am still very impressed with the way religions, and especially Christianity, acted for centuries. In this song I wanted to print this vision of a dictatorial and authoritarian regime, which takes advantage of the blindness and weakness of most people… Of course, our fiction doesn’t even come close to the brutal reality that turned the church into one of the greatest institutions of this planet. It was a great pleasure for us to have the presence of João  Gordo from Ratos De Porão sharing the vocals with Alex. It’s a Portuguese version, but it translates the same dark truth that afflicts the whole world!” 

Gitarrist Marcelo Vasco ergänzt:

„This song is probably the most different on the record, not only because it is sung in Portuguese, but also because it has a more crossover approach, let’s say, mixing punk and metal. It’s a heavy, dirty song and has incredible energy. It was no wonder that right away we thought of inviting João Gordo to share the vocals with Alex. Everything fit like a glove and we are extremely happy with this track, that’s why we decided to choose it to be our second Single from The Troops of Doom’s debut album. Hope you all like it as much as we do. Lyric Video was created by the talented Wanderley Perna and directed by Jairo, where they wanted to rescue an aesthetic of the 20s cinema, combined with an inspiration from Pink Floyd and Nosferatu. Looks amazing!”