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Symphonic Metaller TEMPERANCE – `Daruma´ Track- und Videopremiere

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Ende Juni hatten die Symphonic Power Metaller TEMPERANCE die New Yorker Metal und Opernsängerin Kristin Starkey als ihre neue Frontfrau bekanntgegeben und ihren Livedrummer Marco Sacchetto zum offiziellen Bandmitglied befördert. Höchste Zeit also für nagelneue Musik in der frischen Besetzung, die es nun in Form der Single `Daruma´ samt Video und Albumankündigung für den 20. Oktober gibt. Dabei verspricht der siebte Longplayer „Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2“ offenbar ein Konzeptalbum mit sechs verschiedenen Sängern und fetten Orchestrierungen zu werden.

Sängerin Kristin Starkey über `Daruma´:

„I’m so excited for you to hear our new single called „Daruma“. It not only sets the stage for the dramatic storytelling of our new album, Hermitage: Daruma’s Eyes Pt. II, but also marks the beginning of my chapter with TEMPERANCE. I really believe our new sound will be loved by fans new and old, and I am looking forward to your feedback! See you on the road.“

Gitarrist/Sänger Marco Pastorino über das kommende Album:

“We are so excited about this new chapter called Hermitage. Personally, I’ve dreamed of writing a real concept album like this since the release of the suite called Daruma’s Eyes Pt 1 on the album Of Jupiter and Moons, and finally, we made it – a complete story with six characters (represented by six singers) plus such a great narrator. We decided to change the production team, 100% from Italy; we worked together with Simone Mularoni on the mixing, as we did in the first three albums of the band, plus for the very first time, I worked together with someone else for the orchestrations: Daniele Mazza, the mastermind of Ancient Bards. The artwork also was made by the talented artist Giada Belviso. Get ready for a journey through magic and dreams, and welcome to Hermitage.”