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TEMPERANCE – Symphonic Metaller stellen neue Sängerin und Drummer vor

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Vor wenigen Minuten haben  die Symphonic Power Metaller TEMPERANCE ein Statement herausgegeben in dem sie die New Yorker Metal und Opernsängerin Kristin Starkey als ihre neue Sängerin bekannt geben. Darüber hinaus wird ihr Liveschlagwerker Marco Sacchetto jetzt auch offizielles Bandmitglied. Unten findet ihr Kristins Vocalcover zum Galneryus Track `Destiny`.

Das Statement von TEMPERANCE liest sich wie folgt:

„Finally we can announce our new line-up!!!

We are extremely excited to introduce the new members of Temperance!

First of all: one of the most talented and trained singer on the scene, Kristin Starkey from New York.

She is a professional opera singer, a metal singer, and a vocal coach. We’ve added tons of epicness thanks to her voice.

Secondly, we are extremely glad to welcome Marco Sacchetto on the drums: he already played with us during all our shows in 2023 and he brought tons of energy into Temperance!

Please give both of them a warm welcome in our world of Jupiter & diamonds.

Now get ready, cause a lot of news are coming soon, including a new album announcement, a first new single, new shows, new tours & more.”



Photo Credit: Andrea Falaschi