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SORCERER- ‚When Death Calls‘ (Black Sabbath Cover) im Video

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Nach dem Rainbow-Cover ‚Gates Of Babylon‚ folgt mit ‚When Death Calls‘ eine weitere Bearbeitung im typisch epischen Doomsound des schwedischen Fünfers SORCERER.

Der Track stammt vom 1989 erschienenen vierzehnten Sabbath-Studioalbum „Haedless Cross“.

Gitarrist Peter Hallgren kommentiert:

“Black Sabbath is an endless source of inspiration for writing good music in whatever style of hardrock and metal”

Und Sänger Anders Engberg fügt hinzu:

“You can hear it in the early Sorcerer songs, that we are a lot about Black Sabbath. Maybe we tend to mix in the more melodic parts – more like the Dio and Tony Martin era albums – in the music we make today. For me ‘When Death Calls’ is one of the strongest songs I think they have written. A really doomy song, which in my opinion sounds a lot like the music we create in Sorcerer. After having a blast recording ‘Gates Of Babylon’, we decided to give covering another spin. ‘When Death Calls’ was unanimously chosen as the track to go for!”