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SORCERER – Rainbow Cover von ‘Gates Of Babylon’ online gestellt

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Auch wenn man es zunächst glauben mag, die Schweden SORCERER werden ihrem epischen Doom Stil, nicht untreu, denn ihre Version des Rainbow Tracks von 1978 kommt mächtig episch und schleppend aus den Speakern. Wer möchte kann sich den Song auf den digitalen Plattformen besorgen.

Kristian Niemann erklärt:

„When trying to come up with a way to arrange ‚Gates Of Babylon‘ and give it a different spin, I tried to imagine what it would’ve sounded like if Tony Iommi wrote it instead of Ritchie Blackmore. It probably would’ve been slower and heavier, possibly down-tuned a bit. We skipped the keyboard intro because it would be impossible to capture the magic of the original. We had a great time recording this single at SolnaSound Studios, and overall we are very happy with how it turned out. We hope our fans will dig it too.“