You are currently viewing SKULL FIST – `For The Last Time` Clip vom „Paid In Full“ Album

SKULL FIST – `For The Last Time` Clip vom „Paid In Full“ Album

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`For The Last Time` ist das zweite Stück nach `Long Live The Fist` vom kommenden Album „Paid In Full“ (22. April), das die kanadischen Old School Metaller SKULL FIST auskoppeln. Den im wahrsten Sinne saucoolen Clip, denn das Video wurde in einer -20° kalten Nacht aufgenommen, samt Lyrics gibt es unten.



The whispers are growing

i can hear what they said

They want me to fail and leave me for dead

i dream I am falling

Get out of my head

take this disease and words that you’ve said

No, Got to keep fighting

There’s no more hiding

DREAM for the last time

Don’t let me fade away

wont waste my time

must stay alive

what keeps me waiting I feel I am fading away

must be alone

the faces im hating the life that was waiting for me

trying to breath

Im dying for freedom

wont ask on my knees

Ill do this alone and see how it feels

You can keep this disease

Dream for the last

Don’t let me fade away

Believe for the last time

ive gotta know before I fade away

Don’t leave me this way

Don’t leave me for dead