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SKULL FIST – Old School Metaller zeigen ’Long Live the Fist’ Video

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Die kanadische Heavy Metal Force alter Schule, SKULL FIST meldet sich mit dem Song ’Long Live the Fist’ zurück und verkündet, dass ihr Album „Paid in Full“ am 22. April auf ihrem neuen Label erscheint.

Die Band erklärt zur Scheibe:

“It’s weird as balls releasing one track for a new album, you’ll hear this and assume what the rest of the album sounds like. This track has that sort of formula we’ve done on previous records, some speed metal, some heavy metal, some hard rock and some caveman riffs. I think you guys will find the record to be just slightly heavier than previous ones. But we’re obviously biased! Stoked on seeing how you nutters feel about it all!”

Offensichtlich sind die Mitglieder derzeit  finanziell schwer angeschlagen und weisen auf ihre Patreon-Seite  hin. Für Unterstützung gibt es dann frühzeitigen Zugang zu neuem Material, Demoversionen, alternative Version u.s.w.




I gotta keep on moving

I gotta stay on track

Her lips are mighty cold

and if I stop ill never make it back

The noose around my neck

can you see me start to sweat

I said id make you pay

But you never believed id ever   get away

hear the sound

don’t bring me down

i don’t need a ride to get around

I am gonna live forever

I will never surrender

And if I keep on losing

It’ll always be this way

my face is getting old

But i know my soul will live another day