You are currently viewing REINFORCER – Moderner Power Metal im ‚Z32‘ Lyric Video

REINFORCER – Moderner Power Metal im ‚Z32‘ Lyric Video

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Zur Feier des Vinyl-Release ihrer im Juni erschienenen Debüt-Scheibe „Prince of the Tribes“ veröffentlichen die deutschen Power Metaller REINFORCER ein Lyric Video zum Song ‚Z32‘.

Die Band kommentiert:

“Z32 is a bit different compared to the other songs on the album. Although it features our trademark sound, it is a bit slower and the constant increase until the end gives it a special character which perfectly fits the sinister topic. It quickly became one of the band’s favorites, because of its raw energy and the great melodies which together create a very unique vibe. The lyric video allows you to dive into the production of ‘Prince of the Tribes’, as it features some rare behind the scenes footage of our guitar and vocal recordings”.