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PRIMITAI – Heavy Metal Rock n‘ Roll im „The Uprising“ Clip

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Das UK Metal-Quartett PRIMITAI hat für Ende März das Studioalbum “Violence Of The Skies“ angekündigt Aber von Vielonce ist nicht viel zu merken bei der klassischen Heavy Rock Nummer, die musikalisch eine eher positive Stimmung verbreitet.

Die Band erklärt das Konzept des Tracks folgendermaßen:

„´The Uprising´ is about hitting back against those that oppress you and underestimate you. The marching pace of the verses build up to the uplifting chorus, and then all hell breaks loose with frantic guitar soloing as “The Uprising” reaches its critical mass. The music video was shot at Blondies bar in Clapton, our favourite rock bar in London and one of the few places where we were able to have (socially distanced) band drinks and fun in 2020 – thanks to the crew for having us. Look out for the special appearance of our longtime Spanish guitarist Sergio Giron! After the musical journey and progressive flavour of our first single Valley of Darkness, with The Uprising we give a nod to heavy metal’s rock n‘ roll roots.“


Die musikalisch anders gelagerte erste Auskopplung seht ihr hier.