You are currently viewing Melodisch, druckvoller Metal von PRIMITAI – ‘Valley Of Darkness‘ Videoclip

Melodisch, druckvoller Metal von PRIMITAI – ‘Valley Of Darkness‘ Videoclip

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Gute, im Vordergrund stehende Melodien zu schreiben und diese in kraftvollen Heavy Metal umzusetzen, das hat sich der UK-Vierer PRIMITAI für sein Album “Violence Of The Skies“ auf das Banner geschrieben. Ende März soll der Silberling auf den Markt kommen.

Die Band kommentiert ihren vielversprechenden Song ‘Valley Of Darkness‘ so:

“Valley of Darkness is a tale about a mystical canyon on a faraway planet where you encounter visions of your past and future. The serenity of the verses represents the reunion with the ghosts of lost ones and images of happier times, while the turbulent prechorus and middle 8 see the dream turn to a nightmare as the valley quakes and the apparitions fade away. Instrumentally we tried to follow the light and shade of the storyline by combining the clean, melodic and heavy sections – we are really proud of the musical journey this has turned into. The story has many parallels with the situation we face today – not knowing what will return to normal and what will be lost forever.“