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OCEANHOARSE – Neue Single `Pryopen´ samt Video enthüllt

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Die Heavy Metaller OCEANHOARSE kündigen ihren Zweitling „Heads Will Roll“  für den 17. Februar 2023 an und veröffentlichen mit `Pryopen´ die zweite Auskopplung daraus. Als erste Single war bereits `Nails´ erschienen.

Sänger Joonas Kosonen erklärt die Message des Songs:

„‚Pryopen‘ is musically fast and captivating, perhaps stylistically even in the direction of more modern American metal. However, the song’s lyrics are about the struggle with addiction. The subject touches many of us either directly or indirectly and we wanted to offer strength to those who are fighting, as well as to those who have already lost a loved one to addiction. We wanted to keep the lyrics of the verses raw and straightforward, depicting internal battles in one’s own head just when the will is about to break. The purpose of the chorus is to light a small spark of hope for those who struggle in their everyday life: ‚Won’t bend this time, cause now I’m taking back what’s mine!'“

Und Bassist Jyri Helko das Video:

„The video shoot was something extraordinary. We wanted to have a scene where Joonas is about to drown in the middle of the empty sea during night time, but obviously shooting a scene like that during the freezing winter in Finland is impossible. Therefore, we had to get creative and we spent a whole day decorating a small indoor pool in our friend’s house to make it look like the real deal – I think we did a pretty damn good job with it.“