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MOONLIGHT HAZE – ‚It’s Insane‘ Single und Videoclip

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Mit ‚It’s Insane‘ präsentieren die italienischen Power Symphoniker MOONLIGHT HAZE bereits die dritte Single vom kommenden Longplayer „Animus„, der am 18. März erscheint. Zuvor wurden bereits der Titelsong und ’We’ll Be Free’ ausgekoppelt.

Die Band über den neuen Track:

“With this new single we wanted to describe a very specific feeling: do you know when you reach the breaking point and decide not to give a damn about anything and enjoy the moment? That’s what the lyrics are about. We played around with the double meaning of the expression ‘it’s insane’, because sometimes it’s wonderful to just let things go a little, turn the phone off, shut all the alarms down, relax and do stuff that is seemingly meaningless but makes us feel good and alive for real. The video follows the concept behind the song and pushes it even further… now it’s up to you to find out what we had been doing in some of the silly scenes of it. In any case, the video really shows how much fun we had throughout it!”