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MOONLIGHT HAZE – Power Symphoniker mit ‚Animus‘ Titelsong und Video

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Die italienischen Power Symphoniker MOONLIGHT HAZE präsentieren die erste Single aus ihrem neuen Studiodreher “Animus“, der am 18. März 2022 zur Veröffentlichung ansteht. Der Titelsong ist episch, symphonisch und kraftvoll zugleich und wartet mit Growsl und teilweise lateinischen Vocals auf.

Frontfrau Chiara Tricarico erklärt:

„We chose the titletrack as the first single because it best represents the record’s essence. A mix of symphonic, power and epic elements, and a choice of words that encourages you to work hard and never give up. ‘Animus’ takes on the nuances of the Latin word of courage and willpower. Quoting Ovid (just as the song itself): ‚ANIMUS TAMEN OMNIA VINCIT‘.“

Gitarrist Marco Falanga über das Video:

„While we were thinking about the meaning of the song, the analogy with a sport was the first idea that sprung to mind. Therefore, we decided to involve Nicholas Visintin – an athlete of the Italian parkour national team. We’ve been listening to the song together, surprised at how much its message matched the ethics of this sport perfectly: having a goal, overcoming obstacles and often falling and getting hurt, but always struggling to get up and fight till the end.“