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MASSACRE – Streamen exklusiven ‘Halloween Song‘

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Die Old School Death Metal Ikonen MASSACRE haben gerade ihr Album “Resurgence“ endlich auf den Markt bekommen, da überraschen sie mit einem nicht ganz OSDM-lastigen ‘Halloween Song‘, der ausschließlich über bandcamp erhältlich ist und der eigentlich bereits letztes Jahr veröffentlicht werden sollte.
Die Band erklärt ausführlich, was es mit dem Track auf sich hat:

„We had planned over a year ago to drop this track on HALLOWEEN (and then pandemic delays from Covid varients happened), and of course unfortunately schedules and plans got altered and changed.

However, that didn’t discourage us from pulling thru and making this HALLOWEEN song a reality.

With that said, we are now able to stay with our original plan of releasing it on October 31st, 2021.

And of course, let’s address the simple direct title: HALLOWEEN SONG.
So yeah, we wanted to make 100% sure everyone knew exactly what this track was about.
The lyrics basically celebrate HALLOWEEN and other well-known holidays around the same time of the year that looks to celebrate the dead. Recognizing both the fun scary side of the holiday but also honoring the serious traditional side to them as well. Holding the dead in reverence and honoring the memory of those departed but not forgotten.

Jonny wrote the main music to this track, and he brought in a spooky and eerie vibe to the track by incorporating some creepy 80’s horror movie-style keyboard parts underlying beneath Kam’s growling vocals.
This was done to bring a certain distinct sound to the track a bit outside the normal O.S.D.M. style that Massacre is known to play.
As well some may notice, the down tuning of the guitars to give this a unique heavy doom-laden feeling.
As well added is a very crust-punk/Swedish death metal uptempo middle section part that doesn’t necessarily go into neck-breaking blasting beats, but retains a grounded old-school D-beat aesthetic that is common in some traditional O.S.D.M.
However, the core to what is the staple MASSACRE sound and style still remains as we creepily dredge forth thru this haunting original track.

A new tradition introduced into MASSACRE is going to be one where some of the core band members will pull together to create/record and release these *special holiday tracks. Something we kind of started back in 2020 with the December 5th KRAMPUS NIGHT release of „99 Stab Wounds“ (our G.G. Allin and the Antiseen cover)

So some future songs may continue in the tradition of having special guest appearances by other death metal musicians – while others like this track will simply be holiday base release tracks with core members participating.

This new way to self-release material utilizing Band-camp and digital-only downloaded tracks allow us (the band) to be able to release new (D.I.Y.) material to our fans directly from us – as well, it shall allow the fans to be more involved in choosing what material they themselves wish to own.

Eventually, if enough fan interest is shown to have a collection of material made, then of course the track may find its way onto a collaborated physical formatted release in the future.
It all depends on the continued fan support, but for now – we will keep this to be an exclusive download track – ONLY available here thru our Band-camp page.

Keeping things the way the true underground was meant to be.

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October 31st – All Hallows Eve
The ever twilight – into the darker half
Samhain – Harvest of the dead
The time has come once more
Syncretized HALLOWEEN

Bonfires burning – Guising Galoshans
Adorned in false-face – time for Trick or Treating – AGAIN!


Jack O Lanterns glowing – illuminating the night
Phantasmal warnings – Skeletal dead haunting fright!

Festival of the Hungry Ghost
Carnival on the Banks of the Foyle
Hop Tu Naa on the Isle of Man
Even Dia de Los Muertos
Tutti Santi – Tutti Morti
Mischief night across the land
All Hallows Tide!