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IMMORTAL – Neuer Track `Wargod´ im Lyricclip

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Die Black Metal Macht IMMORTAL liefert mit `Wargod´ die zweite Auskopplung vom kommenden, zehnten Studioalbum „War Against All“, das am 26. Mai zur Veröffentlichung ansteht. Vor einem Monat erfolgte bereits die Song- und Videopremiere des Titeltracks.

Bandgründer Demonaz über die zweite Single:

„Wargod is the heaviest song on the album. Celtic Frost’s album „To Mega Therion“ from 1986 was an inspiration to me this time. Some of it’s classic tracks had heavy opening riffs that developed into fast devastating fury and tempo. I wanted to capture that feeling again, the Immortal way. When i moved to the mountains In 2019 I went through some of my old material and unused lyrics. Wargod was one of them. The title, lyric and song ideas were originally from the early nineties, and now finally Immortalized on the album.“



Son Of Thunder, Wrath And Might
Steelstrong Hands, Warlord Above Men
Feared By Mortals, Blashyrkhs Own
Eternally Grim, The One To Rule The Raventhrone

Mighty Shadow, Chaos God, Born To Conquer
From The Land North Of All, I Am Immortal
Battle Sworn, One True Warrior
This Son Of Northern Darkness Rule
Who Dwell The Mighty Ravens Dark
Wargod, Has The Blood Of The Gods
Wargod, To Sit On The Throne
Wargod, A Force In League With Blashyrkh…

Wrath Of The Gods, Uphold The Might
Strength Of The Beast, Warrior Mind
For The Mighty Mountain I Stride
Born Of Fire Steel And Pride

In The Mighty Halls Sits Thy Dark Gods
Behind The Walls, The Frozen Crown
He Who For The Mighty Throne Will Stride
And Reign Supreme Beneath The Sky

Who Dwell The Mighty Ravens Dark
Wargod, The One To Sit On The Throne
Wargod, The One Immortal