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IMMORTAL – `War Against All` Songpremiere

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IMMORTAL sind und bleiben eine Institution im Black Metal. Jetzt kündigt die Band ihre nächste Scheibe „War Against All“ mit acht neuen Songs im klassischen IMMORTAL-Stil an. Der Titeltrack wurde vor wenigen Minuten online gestellt.



Calleth The Gods Of Gods

The Mighty Kings Of War, The Final Battle Roar

Near Is The Blackening Hordes From Above

Near Is The Warriors March At Dawn

The Battles Beneath The Bloodred Sky


Dark Is The Power, Kingdom Of Cold

Gods On Thy Reign


Cometh The War Of Wars

For Whom To Rule Above, Descend The Curse Of All

Strike With The Breath Of Battlelust

All Of The Enemies To Be Crushed

Men Dying Beneath The Mountainsides


Tall In Its Powers, Kingdom Of Dark

Summon The Armies, Into Battlegrounds

Blinding Fires Await, War Against All


Die Under The Bloodred Sky

Warriors Fight Upon The Ice

Strong Is The Hordes Thunderous March

Rise From The Shadowside

The Power Of Northern Darkness Wrath Rides

Into The Unleashed Fimbulwinter


Calleth The Gods Of Gods, The Mighty Kings Of War

Final Battle Roar, Clouds Has Blotted Out The Sun

Still The Battle Must Go On, Let Blashyrkh Overcome


Dark Is Our Power, Kingdom Of Cold

Gods On Thy Reign,

Destined By Our Swords Poised To Invade

Shouts For Victory Never Ends