You are currently viewing HOLY MOSES – Thrashen durch `Alternative Reality´ Track und Video

HOLY MOSES – Thrashen durch `Alternative Reality´ Track und Video

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HOLY MOSES feiern den heutigen Releaseday ihrer finalen Scheibe “Invisible Queen“ mit einem beeindruckenden Lyricclip zu `Alternative Reality´. Bereits zuvor gab es Videos zum Brecher `Cult Of The Machine´ und dem Titelsong des neuen Silberlings sowie eine Auswahl Live-Termine.

Frontfrau Sabina Classen über den neuen Track:

„`Alternate Reality´ pays musical homage to “The New Machine of Liechtenstein”. This song is both memorable and quintessential HOLY MOSES; which is executed by the means of tantalizing crescendos, unusual rhythmic variations, and a mega-solo from Pete. Altogether, it is a thrash-catchy tune.”



Fallen for this deception, too far down the road

Oh there has to be more, things have been untold

The more absurd the better, the more you do believe

Keeper of hidden knowledge, you feel superior


Increasing paranoia, doubting everything

Deception is everywhere, it’s all conspiracies


Mass delusion, mass confusion

Alternative reality