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Hardrocker SANDNESS – `Someone So Bad´ Single im Lyricclip

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Die italienischen, vom 80s Hair Metal inspirierten, Hardrocker SANDNESS haben am vergangenen Freitag ihren vierten Longplayer „Play Your Part“ veröffentlicht und teilen aus diesem Grund einen Visualizer zum Track `Someone So Bad´. Der Studiodreher folgt auf die EP „Enter Please“ (2020) and die LP „Untamed“ (2019). Zuvor war bereits die Rock Piano Flair Single `High Tide‘ erschienen.

Die Band erklärt über den Track:

„This is a love song, a love letter written by a musician who spends a lot of time far away from their better half while touring around the world. In the chorus you can also hear a female voice (for the first time in a Sandness song), that’s Maria Grazia Zancopè, the lead singer of Perpetual Fate.“

Und fügt hinsichtlich der neuen Scheibe hinzu:

„We think that our fans won’t be disappointed, we worked hard on this album, and without live gigs over the last 2 years due to Covid 19, we had a lot of time and energy to put into it. The songs are catchy and easy to listen to. We want this album to be the getaway from your typical stressful everyday life. We want people to feel good when they listen to our songs. Our music brings you to a dimension where everything is solvable with some dance moves or some headbanging. Give you the bright side of things to escape the difficult times.“