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SANDNESS – 80’s Hair Metal im ‚High Tide‘ Clip

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Die italienische, vom klassischen 80er Hair Metal inspirierten SANDNESS bringen im Mai 2022 ihr viertes Studioalbum „Play The Part“ heraus. Die Scheibe folgt auf die 2020er EP „Enter Please“ und den letzten Longplayer „Untamed“ (2019). Heute gibt es die erste an 70er Rockgötter angelehnte und mit Elton John-artigem Rock Piano Flair aufwartende Single ‚High Tide‘ im Video.

Die Band kommentiert das Album:

„“Play Your Part” is a different kind of animal from our previous releases, due to the lockdown, we had more time to think and work on the songs. We also worked a lot more with our producer Michele, who helped us bring our music to the next level. The new album is more mature and inspired by different styles: hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal, 70’s rock n’ roll, but also pop music from different decades. Overall, we want people to feel good when they listen to our songs. We feel our music brings you to a dimension where everything is solvable with some dance moves or some headbanging. Give you the bright side of things to escape the difficult times.“​