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GRYMHEART – `Army From The Graves´ Video veröffentlicht

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Im Herbst haben die ungarischen Melodic Death Metaller GRYMHEART ihren Debütdreher „Hellish Hunt“ auf den Markt gebracht und veröffentlichen nun ein neues Musikvideo zur mittlerweile fünften Auskopplung `Army From The Graves´, nach Aussage der Band der härteste Track der Scheibe. Am 21. Juni erscheint das Debüt in einer limitierten Vinylversion (300 Kopein in transparentem türkis).



When the sable dark had come
Something shook the ground
Full moon was the only light
Shining in the sky

Countless graves were opened up
All over the place
Rotting corpses live again
By unworldly grace

Once they were real living humans with souls
And their faith in honuor truly large
No one knows now what made this goddam fall
Mankind’s threatened by a bloody march

Bloody march of the rising dead
With the darkness of fate
They kill off every mortal man
In the name of hate

Rusty irons and ancient bones
From the burial grounds
Ungodly and unholy slaves
Army from the graves

Dread and doom are far and near
Where the horde appears
Unmerciful bane from hell
Feeding on our fears

Oh, oh, oh…
Rise from the graves
Oh, oh, oh…
Rise from the sacred graves