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ENDSEEKER – Covern John Carpenters ‘Escape From New York’

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Die Deutsche Death Meta Fraktion ENDSEEKER ist mit ihrem “Mount Carcass“ Album derzeit mächtig präsent und schiebt noch eine Death Metallische Coverversion der Filmmusik vom 1981er Kultfilm “Die Klapperschlange“ mit Kurt Russell hinterher.


„We have a long tradition of cover songs, but this is the first time we chose an instrumental track, and even a main theme from a movie, but 2021 is the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s masterpiece, which just never gets old. The main theme has this iconic beat and mesmerizing melodies that sound so creepy and haunting in their original synth sound that we thought this would be the perfect template for a massive metal version. When we started to play around with it and try out different things for the arrangement, it was clear very fast that this works out absolutely great. We tried to stick quite close to the original and keep that eerie feeling over the song as a deeply respectful homage to this awesome movie and composition.“