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DOWNFALL OF GAIA – `While Bloodsprings Become Rivers` veröffentlicht

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Die deutsche apokalyptische Black , Sludge und Crust Crew DOWNFALL OF GAIA hat gestern ihr sechstes Langeisen unter dem „Silhouettes of Disgust“ Banner herausgebracht und streamt davon den schwarzen Track `While Bloodsprings Become Rivers`.

Goncalves dos Reis kommentiert:

Loneliness, addiction, the fear of tomorrow, pressure from society/work and others, things that many of us probably know all too well. You have to play along somehow, or you fall through the cracks, and once you’re down, it’s hard to get back up. It looks at selfishness and ignorance, the general way of dealing with each other – you’re one, surrounded by millions, surrounded by all these silhouettes of disgust, surrounded by the things you want to avoid and hate. The last few years have impressively proven what you can expect from humanity, and honestly, it’s not much.

Im April geht die Truppe auch auf Tour. Die Dates seht ihr unten.





4/11/2023 Backstage – Munich, DE

4/12/2023 Jugendhaus West – Stuttgart, DE

4/13/2023 Bandhaus – Leipzig, DE

4/14/2023 Underdogs – Prague, CZ

4/15/2023 Zollkantine – Bremen, DE



4/19/2023 Pul – Uden, NL

4/20/2023 Rockpalast – Bochum, DE

4/21/2023 Substanz – Osnabrück, DE

4/22/2023 Headcrash – Hamburg, DE

4/23/2023 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE


Titelfoto: David Stöcklin