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CORTEGE – OS Death Metal Outfit stellt `Purgatory` Video vor

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Polens Old School orientierte Death Metal Crew CORTEGE ist mit Unterbrechung seit 1996 aktiv und schickt sich an ihr neues Album „Vandari“ am 22. Juni zu veröffentlichen. Im Vorfeld streamt das Trio heute einen der zwölf neuen Song `Purgatory` als Performancevideo.




Buckle up and hold on tight

Here the journey begins

Bless yourself and feel the thrill

Next stop is my world

All the lights are gone

And now the fun begins

You know you’re here alone

So who’s the man behind your back?

A starving creature

Now awakened

Darkness is

Flowing in your veins

Forget all you know

There is no up

There is no down

There is no left or right!

You will never be forgiven!

Your breathing’s shallow

And you cannot make a sound

Are you standing

Or are you lying down?

Your chest is

About to collapse

What’s the point of carrying on

Maybe there is another way out!

You are far from here

The light is so bright

The vision is clear

You’re falling apart