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200 STAB WOUNDS – `Hands of Eternity` kündigt “Manual Manic Procedures“ an

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Clevelands Gore und Horror Death Metal Crew 200 STAB WOUNDS kündigt für den 28. Juni ihre “Manual Manic Procedures“ Scheibe an, die offenbar kräftig ballert. Soweit alls beim alten und das ist auch gut so.

Gitarrist und Vokalist Steve Buhl kommentiert:

“That song is a good example of where we want to go musically. The heavy riffs are there, but there’s still a lot of good melody. It’s not just crazy fucking blast beats and, ‘riff riff riff.’ It’s more structured, groovy, and melodic, but still heavy. That’s one of my favorites.”

Im Herbst sind 200 STAB WOUNDS, zusammen mit GATECREEPER  und ENFORCED auf Europatour.




In your peril, you regress

Putrid insides, rot into your death

Beg and plead, you’re never free

The tons of blood

You free your soul


Chains grip grows tighter and tighter

You feel flesh drip beneath the fire

To survive you victimize

There’s none to blame, you feel your shame


Flames grow in circles wider and wider, they throw me in

Gathered in masses for all to see

Razors edge slicing me eternally


One time you fight the pain, immortal shame, all the same

Brutalize, piercing cries, escaping through the swarm of flies

Pusing seep of agony

Swallows me up to my knees


Slip into obscurity






Embalmed, you’re gone

Feeling the sword, feeding with gore

Under blasphemy of god





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