You are currently viewing BEARTOOTH – Neue Single ‘Devastation‘ im Video

BEARTOOTH – Neue Single ‘Devastation‘ im Video

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Am 25. Juni erscheint das vierte Album “Below“ und nach der ersten single Single ‘The Past Is Dead’ kommt jetzt auch das passende Video zu ‘Devastation‘. Zusätzlich hatten die Core-Jungs um Frontmann Caleb Shomo auch eine Tour für 2022 angekündigt.





Cathartic, lethargic, I’m sealed inside these walls

Ecstatic, emphatic, I’ve finally got it all

Feeding like a parasite, visions from the other side

Hoping for another try explaining why I die


There’s something in the water, it washed away my pain

I lost all of my power, there’s nothing left to gain

It’s the energy, energy, fading away from me

Energy, energy, fading away from me


Belittled, entangled, therе’s nothing I can do

Berated, outdated, I’ll nеver be renewed

Overrated, out of time, never gaining peace of mind

Caught without an alibi, explaining why I die


Drop that shit

I’ll end the same, let time explain

I’m such a waste, you will feel my pain

Devastation will reign