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AVALAND ft. Zouille (Sortilège) – `La Folie Du Sage´ Neuauflage im Lyricvideo

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Bei `La Folie Du Sage´ handelt es sich eine Neubearbeitung des im Original von Zak Stevens gesungenen AVALAND-Tracks `Madness Of The Wise´. Neu sind vor allem die französischen Lyrics/Vocals, die von Sortilège Sänger Christian `Zouille´ Augustin beigesteuert werden. Der Song stammt vom aktuellen Album der Fantasy Symphonic Power Metaller „The Legend Of The Storyteller„.

Mastermind Adrien G. Gzagg führt aus:

„I had always thought writing heavy metal songs in french was a trap, and my main concern was to be able to write something that would not sound weird. And then some years ago I discovered the band Sortilège, the incredible voice of its singer Zouille, and his soulful lyrics talking about fantasy and mythology, and it was a real epiphany for me. Then I went on, listening to a lot of Manigance, who wrote powerful and inspiring songs in french. More recently, I was pleasantly surprised by Powerworlf’s „Bête du Gévaudan“, and this track was the final trigger that led me to write a french number for Avaland. Avaland was expected to tour Europe in support of Sortilège in 2021. After being rescheduled twice they called it a day, facing covid-19 and its consequences. So I asked Zouille if he would still be ok to do something with Avaland and sing on a special track, in french. We found that „Madness Of The Wise“ (from our last album „The Legend Of The Storyteller“, originally featuring Zak Stevens) was the perfect song to suit the powerful and theatrical vocals of Zouille. I rewrote/translated the lyrics and we recorded it during „The Legend Of The Storyteller“ sessions. I’m very proud of how this french version sounds, it has a bit of a different atmosphere compared to the original version, thanks to the legendary interpretation of Sortilège’s voice who put his own flavor in it, and sharing vocals with Zouille has been a blessing and an enjoyment beyond words for Avaland. This single is also an opportunity to (re)discover the fabulous atmospheric mix Ludovick Tartavel made for Avaland. We believe Dolby Atmos brings something more to the listening experience, even more with the symphonic and theatrical music of Avaland.“