You are currently viewing ANTROPOFAGUS – `Hymns of Acrimony´ Song und Video bringen Brutal Death

ANTROPOFAGUS – `Hymns of Acrimony´ Song und Video bringen Brutal Death

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Die italienischen Brutal Death Metaller ANTROPOFAGUS („Kannibalen“) bereiten sich auf die Veröffentlichung ihres vierten Studiodrehers „Origin“ am 28. Oktober vor und präsentieren die neue Auskopplung `Hymns Of Acrimony´ samt Videoclip.



She stands compassionate and austere

Brightest Star among the Stars

Strongest idol among the mortals


A vent of wrath upon the Earth

From a race beyond the wanderers

A reflection from an obscure past

A shadow from the time before time

Awake, silent and watching, through timeless life

Enchant all of her dreadful splendour

Unearthly aesthetic in disturbing ways

Repulsive Compelling


Worship her presence

Kneel in front of her and learn your fate


Show her devotion

Show her obidience

She’s the knower of the Secret Name

She’s the knower of the sacred Number


Armed with the disc of Power

In chariots of fire, she went forth

With a shouting voice, she called the Spell

With a Blazing Flame, she filled her Body


She’s the Great Serpent, the Enormous Worm

Ascended from the Underworld

With the winged elementals, she fled the gates