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200 STAB WOUNDS ft. Jami Morgan – `Ride the Flatline`

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200 STAB WOUNDS haben ihr “Manual Manic Procedures“ Langeisen bereits mit dem Video zu `Hands of Eternity` angekündigt. Um die Spannung bei den Fans von Death und Grind hochzuhalten, hat die Cleveland Truppe jetzt den zweiten Song `Ride the Flatline` online gestellt. In dem Song, bei dem ihr auch Jami Morgan von Code Orange hören könnt, geht es um einen Chemieunfall am Ohio Rive, nachdem ein Zug entgleiste.

Fronter  Steve Buhl erklärt dazu:

„All the crazy chemicals caught fire. The Ohio River goes into Lake Erie, which is where our water supply is. So the song comes from that really. But obviously, we put a little bit of animation into it, with someone getting run over by a train in the process and fucking exploding and shit.“





Back against the rail, stones beneath my feet

Fantasies of speeding steel dominate my dreams

Colder than a knife, faster than a gun

Exhilaration, annihilation

Pressure of a ton


Bones begin to crack

Slipping through the skin

Slow infection, body rots

Reeking from within

Disfigured face, all the vultures taste

Locomotivational death

Screaming my last breath


Hearing the blare of the sirens

Blows my eardrums

But I love it

Wood through the skull

Boaring a hole

Through my thoughtless mind


(Jami Morgan)

Three knives and a scalpel

Blood tissue and shrapnel

For every time I was doubted

Bloody derailment

Screams of the innocent

Denied, cast out

Bloody derailment

Screams of the innocent

Above your grave hangs a slate with my name

Fulfilling your dream to be buried by the king

Chemical cos plume, nothing that you can do

There’s nothing but black now

200 attack dogs, devourment


Under the crypt my name is still engraved


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