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XANDRIA – Symphonic Metaller stellen neuen Song vor: `Universal´ Video

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Nach ihrem aktuellen Studiolangeisen „The Wonders Still Awaiting“ und einigen Livaktivitäten präsentieren die Symphonic Metaller von XANDRIA ihren neuen Song `Universal´ passend zum Auftakt ihrer US Tour.

XANDRIA schicken dazu folgende Message:

„We have been overwhelmed by the amazing feedback for our album ‚The Wonders Still Awaiting‘ and are so grateful for our wonderful fans! All this positive energy inspired us to write new music quickly, and here is the first song of the new music waiting for you! We hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for your support! In memory of Jina Mahsa Amini and for all the brave people everywhere else in the world who fight for human rights. Human rights are universal. But they are not respected everywhere, and where they are, they can be taken away again. That means that we all need to be constantly defending them, and we need to be standing together with all people in the world for that.“



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