You are currently viewing WYTCH HAZEL – `Angel of Light` Video vom kommenden Album

WYTCH HAZEL – `Angel of Light` Video vom kommenden Album

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WYTCH HAZEL , die vielgepriesenen old-fashioned 70er Rocker aus Lancashire, kündigen ihr viertes Album “IV: Sacrament“ für den  02. Juni an und schicken dazu den Rocker `Angel of Light` als Video.

Sänger und Multi-Instrumentalist Colin Hendra erklärt:

“I’ve blown my own mind a bit,and even after all this painstaking work, I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what Wytch Hazel could be doing musically. I wish I could have a month to work on one song, and go on a tangent a bit. I will in the future, it’s going in the right direction. It’s some of the most honest songwriting I’ve ever done, and the lyrics come from a darker place, I think. I’m getting older, that comes through in some lyrics: ’see my body breaking‘, ‚I’m digging deeper‘, ‚time’s running out…‘ – I struggle to see the positive a lot of the time, so the songs end up being negative, the subject matter coming from constant striving.



  1. The Fire’s Control
  2. Angel of Light
  3. Time and Doubt
  4. Strong Heart
  5. Deliver Us
  6. A Thousand Years
  7. Gold Light
  8. Endless Battle
  9. Future Is Gold
  10. Digging Deeper