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WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM – ’Mountain Magick’ Clip

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Schwarz-metallisch geht es nach zwei Jahrzehnten noch zu bei den Wölfen im Thronsaal, die ihr neues Album „Primordial Arcana“ am 20. August in die Läden stellen werden. Dabei haben die Brüder Aaron und Nathan Weaver, zusammen mit Gitarrist Kody Keyworth, die Scheibe nicht nur eingespielt, sondern auch gemischt und produziert.

Die Band über den Song:

Mountain Magick was shot in the northern reaches of the Olympic Mountains and the ancient forests that shroud the foothills.  We wrote the story, created the costumes, shot the footage and did the editing ourselves, so it is a true product of our hearts and souls.  Creating our own videos has been a long standing dream and now It’s very exciting to bring these Visions into the Cinematic Realm.”  





Enthroned in our ancient mountain halls

Incantations in the night

Take refuge within our walls


Travel past the borders of men

Drink the rain

Pass the gates

Of our shadow moon kingdom


Gaze upon our altars

Deep under the earth

Where sun has never shown

Throne of soil, crown of stone


Eternal sleep with the earth

Primordial grave

Chamber of darkness

Hair turns to mycelium

Blood to sap

Flesh to ore


Bone to quartz

Eyes to gold