You are currently viewing WITHERFALL –`Ceremony Of Fire` Video vom 2024er Album

WITHERFALL –`Ceremony Of Fire` Video vom 2024er Album

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WITHERFALL, die aus Los Angeles kommende Heavy Power Metal Truppe, mit Hang zu reichlich  Komplexität, stellt `Ceremony Of Fire`, den zweiten Song des nächsten Langeisens „Sounds Of The Forgotten“ vor.  Das Veröffentlichungsdatum der Nachfolgescheibe zu “Curse Of Autumn” ist der 1. Mai 2024.  Den Song `Insidious` WITHERFALL schon Ende Oktober online gestellt.

Dier Band kommentiert den neuen Song so:

“Ceremony of Fire is quintessential Witherfall. This song features elements that are cornerstones of the Witherfall sonic landscape from dark haunting hooks, to eclectic  musical twist and turns. For the fans of our debut album Nocturnes And Requiems you will be very pleased with this. The Video is a great representation of the lyrical theme. Filmed in part inside the ritual chamber at The Crooked Path in Burbank California, the video represents the harsh realities of the artists path.“




We’re all running away from ourselves

With no direction we are blind

and We feel safe in our illusions, our delusional states of mind

And now it all has come to an end…

No more pretending we are fine.

The meek shall not inherit a thing, but an existence of dread.


I will be your place and time

I’ll wipe away your fears

Give in to me you know you’re mine

Step into the shadows…


Come with me…

To a clearing in the field before the dawn

In time you’ll see the light

In a Ceremony Of Fire


There’s no room for us to pretend

That what we’re doing is divine

And with every passing hour

We watch it all unwind

Everything here must come to an end

What is born will surely die

But you just keep on bowing your heads

You cannot turn back time


Into this pyre I cast what’s left

Upon the rising flames

The wicked must be sacrificed

To save us all from death


I used to dream that everything would change

But all my prayers have been denied

Now I just listen as their voices die

And Slowly I, can hear them fade… Away

Fade away


Come with me…

To a clearing in the field before the dawn

In time you’ll see the light

In a Ceremony Of Fire

Come with me…

To A Clearing in the field before the dawn

And you will see the light, In a Ceremony Of Fire


Trackliste “Sounds Of The Forgotten”
1. They Will Let You Down
2. Where Do I Begin
3. A Lonely Path
4. Insidious
5. Ceremony Of Fire
6. Sounds Of The Forgotten
7. Aftermath
8. When It All Falls Away
9. Opulent
10. What Have You Done