You are currently viewing WINGS OF DESTINY – ’Reborn Immortal’ Video & ‚Angel Of Death‘ (Slayer)

WINGS OF DESTINY – ’Reborn Immortal’ Video & ‚Angel Of Death‘ (Slayer)

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Die Costa Rica Metal Unit zwischen Heavy, Progressive, Power Metal bringt ’Reborn Immortal’, die dritte Single vom kommenden Longplayer „Memento Mori“ raus und verkündet dazu:

“This song is about being resurrected from the ashes, about being reborn as a person. The whole concepto is about overcoming difficulties, it could be a band´s statement in a nowadays hard pandemic times. It´s a call to action to our fans to never feel defeated, never backdown and just to reach your goals by always getting up and carrying the torch.“



Dass die Bandmitglieder tatsächlich Abwechslung lieben zeigt auch ihre Teilnahme am Slayer Cover von ‚Angel of Death‘