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WILDERUN – ‘Exhaler’ Video zur Albumveröffentlichung

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Die Bostoner Progressive Metaller WILDERUN haben ihr viertes Studioalbum “ Epigone“ veröffentlicht feiren das mit dem one-take Lyricvideo zum ungewohnt soften Akustik-Track “Exhaler”, das von Sänger und Gitarrist Evan Berry selbst gedreht wurde.

Evan kommentiert:

“‘Exhaler’ feels like a dream that precedes the core of ‘Epigone’, and like much of our previous album, muses on better times long gone.  There is almost a feeling of resentment towards past joys and prior clarity, as they seem to just become a dark mirror through which the current state of existence is poorly reflected.  Musically, this song stands out as very organic compared to much of the rest of the album, keeping to acoustic instruments and orchestrations, as opposed to some of the synthetic and darker textures we experiment with on the other tracks.  Hopefully this reflects those feelings of rose-colored nostalgia, verses the conflicted and cold reality of the present.

I wanted the video to match that feeling of organic, earthly clarity, which is why I avoided any effects or editing of any sort, and the lyrics are written entirely with broken sticks found on that plot of land.  The track also holds a more consistent tone and energy than some of our other more frenetic and dynamic songs, so the one-shot approach felt very appropriate.”