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WHOM GODS DESTROY – `Prog Metaller stellen `The Decision` vor

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Die Prog Metal Union WHOM GODS DESTROY bestehend aus den aus den Schwergewichten Derek Sherinian, Ron `Bumblefoot‘ Thal, Dino Jelusick, Yas Nomura und Schlagzeuger Bruno Valverde haben ihr gemeinsames Erstlingswerk “ Insanium“ am Freitag veröffentlicht. Zusätzlich ist davon auch `The Decision` ausgekoppelt worden. Den entsprechenden Lyricclip seht ihr hier.




I’ve been down, torn apart

But the time is now to lay it off my heart

End is near, got no fear

I’ll be born again and transcend

I gave it all, was small stood tall

Wanna feel sublime, just one last time

It just appeared, reminding me

That I’ve lived a life and I know

All the darkness will now fade away

If I could choose to leave this world

I think I’d rather stay


Now that I know, it’s my time to go

I’d pray for another day

To stay


Silence breaks, voices call

Thought I was afraid but now I want it all

To repeat with no defeat

I am born again and I wanna give it all

And let it roll until I feel again

Then I might transcend

Please appear, remind me again

That I’ve lived the life and I know


Won’t you let me stay, not fade away