You are currently viewing WHOM GODS DESTROY (Derek Sherinian, Dino Jelusick, Ron `Bumblefoot‘ Thal) – Hart und Proggig: `In The Name Of War` Video

WHOM GODS DESTROY (Derek Sherinian, Dino Jelusick, Ron `Bumblefoot‘ Thal) – Hart und Proggig: `In The Name Of War` Video

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WHOM GODS DESTROY  ist die neue Hard Prog Kollaboration von Derek Sherinian, Ron `Bumblefoot‘ Thal, Dino Jelusick sowie Yas Nomura und Schlagzeuger Bruno Valverde.  Zusammen haben sie ihr Debütalbum „Insanium“ eingespielt, das am 15. März 2024 herauskommt. Zur ersten recht harten  Single `In The Name Of War` könnt ihr hier das Video sehen.

Gitarrist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal über die Auskopplung:

„Derek, Dino and I began writing this song in 2020, it was the first song we wrote together. This song captures a lot of what the band is about, it’s a good example of what to expect from the album. The song gets pretty intense when the band kicks in, an unexpected contrast, the music tells the story alongside the lyrics – the Eastern scale melody in the chorus followed by the ‚war drum‘ pattern, the bridge feeling like it’s heading toward something, an urgency…“





Death, we celebrate

As if it was something we were born for

Death seems to be the faith

Crucify the forces, let them through the door

Gates of hell await

You spend your life just to dig another hole

Read these words unseen:

“God save the mean”


Tell me what you’re seeing

Do you still believe in

In the name of war

We still die for nothing

Into the grave we’re rushing

In the name of war


Death won’t ever wait

It’s in the dark waiting for the wrong step

It won’t resonate

With all the “live, laugh, love” shit everywhere

One big bad mistake

Was the breath you saved for later

Spend it all tonight

‘cause you won’t ever see the light


In the name of love and hate, they try to separate

You see we can relate, sedate and celebrate

The name of war won’t wait, they strike when they locate

To build a golden state

Tell me who counts the blood

Spilled to change the names of streets

In the name of war.