You are currently viewing WHITECHAPEL – Video zu `I Will Find You` veröffentlicht

WHITECHAPEL – Video zu `I Will Find You` veröffentlicht

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Die Knoxville Truppe WHITECHAPEL hat ihr Video zum Opener ihres vielschichtigen „Kin” Albums herausgebracht. Der Anlass für den Streifen zum Death(core) Track `I Will Find You` dürfte die anstehende US Tour mit  Archspire, Signs Of The Swarm und Entheos sein.

Bozeman hinterlässt folgende Nachricht:

“I am being followed by my alternate reality/evil self. It’s the part of me that can’t let go and will go to any heights to find the real me and pull me back into the dark past that I want to move on from.




The devil is dead

I have never felt the way that I have until I left the valley in flames

Let it burn, let it die, blind the all-seeing eye

But I know smoke will never clear in hell


The smell of burning oak makes me sick

Still, I breathe deep

Still, I cross to the other side

But I hear a voice behind me say


I (the eye closed its final time as I had walked through the flames)

WILL (the will of a beast is nothing compared to the will of a god)

FIND (I’ll find my peace when the bones of the devil lay at my feet)

YOU (you and I are one, mark my words, I will find you)


A beast will always smell the blood of a coward

And a narrow-minded fool will always follow down the narrow path

To the blade that can make a god bleed

Still, you are weak

You’re just a boy with his mother’s eyes

That carries the weight of his father’s heart


I always feel like there’s something that I’ve left behind

It’s not a possession or any acceptance of life, it’s me


What is the point of running away when you don’t know who you are

I’ll always be one step behind until you realize who I am