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WHEEL – ‘Synchronise’ Track veröffentlicht

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Die finnisch-englischen Prog Metaller WHEEL, also nicht die Dortmunder Doom Band,  veröffentlichen ihren neuen Song ‘Synchronise’ und damit den zweiten Track von der “Rumination“ EP. Die für den 10. November auf dem Tableau steht.

Die Band äußert sich wie folgt:

This song has been in the works for the last five years, which even by our standards, is a really long gestation period – I had the idea for C part and the ending back in 2017 and finally came up with thematically appropriate parts to complete the structure at the end of last year.

I was playing acoustic guitar professionally in several bands for years before we started Wheel and I have been considering the possibility of using the instrument in our material again for ages – I’ve just been waiting for a song that I felt was interesting enough to justify its use.

The lyrics are about reconciliation – this is something I could over-explain very easily but I don’t want to make it all about me. I think the subject is something many of us struggle with and although I don’t think forgiveness is arbitrary – there are cases where it is absolutely fine not to forgive; more often than not it is better to let go and to heal than to hang on to destructive anger, guilt and pain. I’ve never found it easy to write positive lyrics but they felt absolutely right for this track.”



Titelfoto: Kakkis and Kimbe