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WATAIN – präsentieren zweite Single `Serimosa` im Lyricclip

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Das neue, siebte Studioalbum „The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain“ der streibaren skandinavischen Black Metaller WATAIN erscheint am 29. April. `Serimosa` ist die zweite Auskopplung nach `The Howling` und wird wie folgt kommentiert:

„Serimosa tells of the electric notion of the coming of a great power. The appearance of cracks in the dam that holds the flood of the great sea. A visitor from the beyond, crossing the threshold into the material world. Just like „Watain“, Serimosa is a word/name of power communicated out of unknown origin, appearing into the world sans history, to be approached with thought and reverence. Its linguistic root may be traced from the latin word Seri („serum“) along with Dolorosa („pain“) Nebulosa („starfog“) Lacrimosa („tearfilled“), as if those words and their meanings were spoken as one. In her hand she holds the stern light of renewal, of transformation, of merciless cleansing. Thematically, Serimosa also holds similarities to the fiery Samhara aspect of Nataraja, the doomsday dance of Shiva marking the dissolution of order at the end of an eon.