You are currently viewing WATAIN – `Before The Cataclysm` Video zum  “Die In Fire – Live In Hell” Album

WATAIN – `Before The Cataclysm` Video zum “Die In Fire – Live In Hell” Album

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Zum 25jährigen Bandjubiläum der schewdischen Black Metal Crew von WATAIN, kündigt die Band ihren zwölfg Songs umfassenden Live-Longplayer “Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)“ an.  Dazu passend erscheint heute die Liveaufnahme von ‚Before The Cataclysm` als Videomitschnitt.



“Die In Fire – Live In Hell” Trackliste:
1. Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live)
2. Black Salvation (Live)
3. The Howling (Live)
4. Black Flames March (Live)
5. Reaping Death (Live)
6. Devil’s Blood (Live)
7. Serimosa (Live)
8. Not Sun nor Man nor God (Live)
9. Before the Cataclysm (Live)
10. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Live)
11. Nuclear Alchemy (Live)
12. Malfeitor (Live)



Ready or not

It will come to be known by us all

Where leads the winding path

Over tar fields aflame since eden’s fall

Cross hidden cracks and furrows

Where fiery currents surge

Restlessly, like mercury

Spilling forth through the ruins of a barren world


Thus you shall stand

A naked child before the cataclysm

For ready or not, come it will


Dark is the deep that you fall into

Endless the void that expands from under you

Now the gods claim their sacrifice

And the Devil his due


Strange glows the night, but fear not its shadows

They’ve come to awaken the flame that’s asleep within you

A cross has been carved in the place where we go to die

There they await to draw every secret from you

…and the blood of thy heart


Then you shall see it clear at last

As the mist unveils the moor

Here ends the charted lands

And the path beyond is made visible


The time has come to dare the dunes

Of the endless oceans vast

No guiding stars to lead you now

Through the labyrinth of all pasts

An edgeless map, a naveless space

Such is the province of our demise

Yet on it goes this eternal voyage

Above a sunken paradise


Yet many more kingdoms must fall before

You may find your rest there on the other shore


Fare for the furthest beacon

Fare for the glow


Bright like the light that you go into

Life is a dream that is fading away from you

Fare now to what’s real, fare now to what’s true


Yours is the night, yours is the shadow

Yours is the star that forever shall burn in the dark

A cross has been carved in the place where we go to die

And for all those that go there with fire in heart we shall kneel

And bless their journey


Sail on, sail on – Into the night

Sail on, sail on – Into the light

Sail to the souls that shine there


Tonight I stood out by the sea

And saw the seventh lighthouse glare

The yonder beckons, the twilight calls

And one day I’ll meet you there


Where unchained spirits rampant soar

In starless heavens, like before the cataclysm, in timeless time

When god was not, forevermore