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WARKINGS (ft. The Lost Lord) – ‘Spartacus’ Clip veröffentlicht

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Die heroischen Metaller WARKINGS haben zum neuen Song ‘Spartacus’ ihr Video herausgebracht. Wie schon zuvor, geht es um römische Geschichte. Dieses mal muss der legendäre Gladiator Spartacus als Inspiration herhalten. Unterstützung fanden die vier „Helden“ in der Person des Lord of the Lost. Sängers Chris Harms a.k.a The Lost Lord.  Am 20. August geht dann die „Warkings-Saga“ mit dem neuen Longplayer “Revolution“ in die dritte Runde.

Der Tribun über ’Spartacus’:
Some call him hero, some call him a rebel…and we tell his story. With the help of the mighty Lost Lord. Die for Spartacus.”

Chris Harms a.k.a The Lost Lord fügt hinzu:
„There are moments when I realize that there is a power metal passion slumbering in me that never wanted to fit into any of my bands and projects. I was very grateful when the four gladiators of heavy metal came to me and gave me the chance to refine one of their songs as The Lost Lord. “Spartacus” is a monumental uptempo power machine that I enjoyed immensely. I look forward to performing the song live at some point – with sandals and a helmet, of course!“