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WARBELL – Melodic Death Crew stellt `Melancholical` Videosingle vor

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WARBELL, aus unserem Nachbarland Polen, haben sich dem Melodic Death Metal verschrieben und stellen ihre mal growlende, mal singende Frontfrau Karolina Wiecek klar in den Vordergrund. Mit dem Musikvideo zu `Melancholical` verkündet die Band ihre “Ruin“ EP, die am 01. April 2024 herauskommen wird.




Father of The Mystery

Creates the world

The Perfect World

Of gears and cogs

Of copper and gold

in the mechanical globe

inside His palm


I’ve seen imperfection, of creation, of this world

With hate comes love, and love always comes with pain

I leave my memory and I leave my heart

to soothe your lives under cruel gods


Sacrifices, untold horrors, deepest spheres of madness

What’s of immortality when no one shares your sadness?


I am the redemption, resurrection, of broken dreams

To build the stars having only dust and seams

I’ve hidden my sorrow and I’ve hidden behind

If I’m a Mirror, then who am I?


The truth often fails to satisfy

Isn’t it better to live a perfect lie?…


Lie! I’ve buried my sorrow, I’ve buried my pain

I’ve built the dream – was everything in vain?

I am nothing more, I am nothing more

but the words in the wind,

but what time makes me,

but the end of Three


Photo Credit: Monika Wawrzyniak