You are currently viewing WAR CURSE –  Old School Thrasher go Hardcore im `Miracle Broker’ Video

WAR CURSE – Old School Thrasher go Hardcore im `Miracle Broker’ Video

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“Back To Hardcore” könnte als Überschrift für die neue Single `Miracle Broker’ dienen, denn die Old School Thrasher zeigen in dem Track ihre Wurzeln.

Gitarrist Justin Roth erklärt:

“‘Miracle Broker’ is an unapologetic knife to the chest of corrupt religious figureheads, masquerading as modern day Gods. For years I’ve tried to disguise my hardcore roots, keeping our songwriting far away from outside influences. ‘Miracle Broker’ is the result of breaking that rule and writing a song for myself, not for an audience. It’s moody, it’s heavy, it gets straight to the point, and it’s catchy as all hell. Consider it ‘crossover reimagined.’”

Über das am 20. Oktober kommende Album „Confession“ verrät er:

”As far as our current direction, the music we consume is all over the map, a lot of it way outside of the metal sphere. I hear bands doing new, interesting things with their music and I want to be able to do the same with mine. If I lose my thrash card for it, oh well, I’ll hand in my battle vest.“



  1. The Nothing (That is Me)
    2. Fortress Of Agony
    3. Confession
    4. Miracle Broker
    5. Power Of The Powerless
    6. The Convoy
    7. Return To Dust
    8. Sowing Division
    9. Rusty Nail * Grip Inc. cover
    10. Illusion Of Choice