You are currently viewing WALTER TROUT ft. DEE SNIDER  – Musiklegenden rocken `I’ve Had Enough` Video

WALTER TROUT ft. DEE SNIDER – Musiklegenden rocken `I’ve Had Enough` Video

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Der seit den späten 60ern bekannte US Bluesrocker hat sich für seinen Song `I’ve Had Enough` niemadn geringers als den ehemaligen Twisted Sister Frontmann und Soloartist DEE SNIDER als Duettpartner  geholt. Der klassisch rockige Song stammt von TROUTs neuem Abum “ Broken“ und wurde vorhin als Video veröffentlicht.




too many people too many eyes too many

Shadows too many light too many reason

to get away too many talkers they got

nothing to say you know ain’t no need


SC the body is over and the lights are

have I’m going to have to call you

listen to me m up I believe I had


never let me tell you something too many

preaches too many rules too many

politicians too many fools too many

lawyers too many BS too many solders too

many TS I’ve been stifi and

terrified I been Deni and thrown

aside you might say that I had it rough

I got to tell you people I believe I

my better enough come on Walter show me

what you got

too many hours in the day too many

questions that were going too much fire

too much rain too much desire too much

pain can’t make sense to

anything I’m afraid of what tomorrow

play we all know that the days is D so

let me tell your

people no I’ve had

enough I believe I’ve had

enough I enough

I had it

enough I had it

enough I

enough I

enough all