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WALK WITH TITANS – Epic Power Metaller zeigen `Herakles` Clip

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Die kanadische Power Metal Truppe WALK WITH TITANS hat es offenbar mit den alten Griechen. Zumindest legt der Titel des neuen Albums „Olympian Dystopia“ sowie die Auskopplung `Herakles` das verdammt nah. Das Erscheinen des Longplayers ist auf den 26 Mai terminiert.

Gitarrist Louis Jacques schreibt:

„It’s a power metal album without compromising the epic side. I think listeners will realize that and enjoy it. We made this album during the pandemic and it kept us sane, we hope fans will find the same joy in listening to it as we had to make it! We bring some ancient Greek Myths to the forefront like Eurydice and Herakles, while others are more subtle like ‚Edge of Time‘, which is Khronos representing time eating us all. Other tracks on the record we made as an analogy for societal issues.“



  1. Herakles (4:08)
  2. Edge of Time (4:34)
  3. Gods of the Pantheon (5:53)
  4. As Titans Fall (4:36)
  5. Lost Ways (4:28)
  6. Final Dawn (5:31)
  7. Gift of Fire feat. Renato Osório (5:38) – Guest guitar solo by Renato Osório (Atomic Elephant, ex-Hibria)
  8. Lost Paradise (5:17)
  9. Seven Against Thebes (4:16)
  10. Eurydice (5:46)