You are currently viewing W.E.B. – Symphonic Extreme Metaller feiern `Murder of Crows` Videopremiere

W.E.B. – Symphonic Extreme Metaller feiern `Murder of Crows` Videopremiere

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W.E.B. haben ein frisches Video für ihren Track `Murder of Crows`, vom aktuellen Full Length Album “Colosseum“ herausgebracht.  Anlass dürfte sein, dass die Symphonic Black Death Band im Januar 2023 zusammen mit Fleshgod Apocalypse und Omnium Gatherum auf Europatournee geht.


Sänger und Gitarrist Sakis Prekas über den Song:

‚Murder of Crows‘ is about the loneliness of death, the greatest mystery of what the end of life’s circle feels like and the emotions surrounding the very last moments of life. The concept of death in W.E.B. lyrics is not new, only this time, the inspiration was born after watching the ‚Sons of Anarchy‘ series and the way life, death and morals were perceived in there by a culture that was yet unknown to me. Hence there are clearly several lyric references to the series, it is strongly filtered by W.E.B.’s music style combining melody, brutality and symphony elements. The video of ‚Murder of Crows‘ incorporates much of the band’s stage presence accompanied by the roles of Thanatos, the subconscious and the madness of reality.





Darkness, blindfold, terrorized

Fear takes over. Victimized

The leaves they fall, the sky turns gold

My dear black angels scream their call

The gathering begins

Come on dear sons of mayhem. We kill to live

Come on dear sons, this wake will cease to be

Carry my soul, my coffin, my every sin

Sing to me your cry. Your every fear


I was alone. I was afraid

Left in this world who’s gone astray

Save me – crows gather for my death


Sunset, the last one I leave behind

My soul is crossing Acheron

Charon is my only friend in my inevitable end

A lament for the dead we sing to reach the skies

A lament for the dead, a dirge, the soul flies

Grief is the price. A grief that does not speak.

Words left unsaid. A grief like fear.


All this grief and the cries as the reaper hands tears

Staring black hollow eyes, I face death like a newborn scar

Crossing the other side, black feathers embrace my soul

In a murder of crows I’ll die. My last breath is yours


I was alone, I was afraid

Left in this world who’s gone astray

Save me – Crows gather for my death

Save me – we march this funeral with crows